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Pool Players Practice Drill Kit

Practice Makes Perfect

POOLino Industries has designed the most exciting and instructional practice session you'll ever have. It makes practicing more fun and challenging than the game itself.

  • This kit is specially designed to improve your stroke, train your eyes and master your ability to position the cue ball after executing your shots. It takes over where books and videos leave off.

  • Get hands on experience and knowledge like you've never known. Increase your skill level and improve your game mentally 50 % faster.

This 34 piece kit comes complete with 16 metallic based pegs, 16 magnetic base plates, carrying pouch and instructional booklet that explains and guides you through

  • Inline Drills that improve your stroke and help focus in on the imaginery line.

  • Draw Back Drills to improve your accuracy on draw back English

  • Pocket Drills to minimize the pocket size and maximize your ability to pocket balls.

  • Position Drills to help you understand cue ball control and get perfect position

The Pool Players Practice Drill Kit is highly recommended throughout the billiards industry to players of all skill levels. Limited only by one's imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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